What a whirlwind!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first of many blog posts. 

What a whirlwind start to the year - not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing (and it's only March!)

Sadly, at the beginning of the year I lost my grandpa to an ongoing battle with cancer. 

The night before he passed, I was supposed to attend the 2018 Women in Business and Regional Development launch but instead spent the night at the hospital with him. 

I received a message of congratulations from my good friend Katie Fox and I replied to her simply asking "what?" 

Little did I know, I had been announced as a winner of the Entrepreneurial Scholarship and I wasn't there to receive it! 

The next morning, my grandpa passed away - I always knew he was waiting for something. 

A few weeks on and I fell off my farm bike receiving some pretty epic bruises.

Not thinking twice about it, I jumped straight back on the bike and then later in the week went to netball training where I broke my tib and fib. 

Thank GOD for the people at my netball/football club who kept me calm while we waited for an ambulance to arrive. 

I spent a week in the Mount Gambier hospital and had surgery to put a rod in my leg due to the extent of the break. 

I now am two weeks into a 12 week recovery, six of those weeks being in plaster and using a frame to walk - joy! 

As someone who is so independent, I have definitely learnt to loosen the controls and allow for others to step in and take over jobs for me as I can't drive/go to work. 

Thanks to all my beautiful clients for their understanding during this difficult time. 

I am doing the best I can to ensure that everything continues to run as normal until I am on my feet again to do so. 

Here's to hoping the rest of the year is better than the start has been so far. 

As I keep reminding myself, it is only temporary and there is always someone worse off. 

Big love,

C x